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Off-canvas Shopping cart module

Check video and demo to understand what this is:


Have the cart always ready in a right off-canvas position!

Have the cart always ready in a right off-canvas position!

With this plugin you can have a cart ready at EVERY page in your webshop with a single click. The cart loads from an UIkit offcanvas position from the right.

Really adds to the customers experience on checkout process!

Really adds to the customers experience on checkout process!

This makes it very easy for customers to checkout at any time during their shopping experience. Please test our demo below to see it all in action. Add som products and click the cart icon.

We have developed this offcanvas Shopping cart for extremly quick checkout. This shows the cart/checkout form at any time sliding in from the right. It works great in mobile phones too.

This is a module that shows tha cart with a number (amount of products in cart) and you just put this in a position somewhere. The Shopping Cart icon works as a button to slide the cart from the right offcanvas. Please test our DEMO to see it in action and to understand the functionality.

If you have some Joomla, HTML and CSS knwoledge you would be able to put this in a very good place in the theme.php in the template. Also you cna change shape and size with css of this cart icon etc.

Please note that this DOES need VMuikit 3.0.6+. And also not that some Payment Gateways will not fit into this if they are not responsive. We can't recommend Klarna Checkout with this off canvas as there are some issues.

This plugin is for Virtuemart 3.0.x (we always recommend latest 3.0.x)

Check DEMO here!

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