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Virtuemart for Wordpress?

Virtuemart for Wordpress? Yes, according to the latest news from the developers of Virtuemart this might happen soon. Instead of focusing on Joomlas framework the people at Virtuemart will be creating their own framework called VMF (Virtuemart Framework). This will open up lots of possibilities to connect Virtuemart to any PHP driven CMS-system. Rumors says it has already been seen running good on a Drupal installation.

So when will we see Virtuemart for Wordpress? Well very hard to say. It is of course a big task ahead to write the new VMF framework but the plans for this has been around for some time now. So some kind of BETA might see the light of day very soon.

virtuemart wordpress

What would be the benefits of Virtuemart for Wordpress then?

Well first of all Wordpress (as being the absolute most popular CMS on the planet) don’t have a serious ecommerce solution. There is WooCommerce but its very limited when a Webshop starts to grow. Virtuemart on the other hand has tons of more features and possibilities (Point of sale systems, API for connection with ERP and more) and have been tested with 50 000+ products etc. So Virtuemart would fill a big space for Wordpress of being a very good ecommerce solution for Webshops owners wanting something to grow in. When WooCommerce can’t give you what you need there is big possibilities that Virtuemart can.

We will keep you updated on this when we get more news and we will of course start testing and helping this project come to life sooner. As all YOOtheme templates already is available to Wordpress we see that our VMuikit product can be for great benefit for many Wordpress website builders wanting proper ecommerce solution.

If you have any questions about this progress feel free to email us at and we will give you as much update as we have.

Update 11 march 2016

The progress of creating the Virtuemart Framework (which is a vital part of making it work with other CMS-systems like Wordpress) is going ahead in a good phase and speed. The latest version of the "Joomla-only" version 3.0.14 is a very stable and complete product which means Virtuemart-team can move more resources to develop the 3.1.x series that will be using the Virtuemart Framework and be compatible with Wordpress. Read latest news here...


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