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Here you find our documentation. Here you find everything to get going. Please also look at our video tutorials because they explain things in more detail!

What is VMuikit?

VMuikit is a component (so that its easy to change settings from backend) plus a Virtuemart theme. I replaces all the Virtuemart default layouts and user interface parts with new files (overrides). All the layouts/overrides in VMuikit is based on the UIkit framework (this is somewhat similar to Bootstrap which perhaps is a more known framework). We have choosen UIkit (read more about UIkit on because as a Web Agency we love to work with YOOthemes templates which are all since Warp7 built on the UIkit framework. The UIkit framework gives endless of possibilities for web designers to customize the look and feel of the website/webshop.

The full potential is that with one of YOOthemes templates you can actually build so many different webshop/websites with completely different look and feel (design and user interface). Are you serious about web design you should really give YOOtheme templates a go.

Who is VMuikit for?

VMuikit is for those that have built some Joomla and Virtuemart website before. For a first project you might run into some troubles. You need to know the basiscs of Joomla, templating, Virtuemart (and its settings) also understand the concept of what the UIkit framework is. Freelancers and Web Agencies that have built a few Joomla/Virtuemart websites will find VMuikit to be an absolute awesome companion!

Who is VMuikit not for?

Someone building their first Joomla website. You will need to have some pretty good understanding in building Joomla website. Not meaning PHP and Javascript knwoledge. But you need to use FTP and advanced Joomla/Virtuemart settings. If you never used Virtuemart before we can not recommend VMuikit.

How to install VMuikit?

VMuikit 4 supports YOOtheme PRO and VMuikit 3 supports Warp 7 (install correct version!)

You install the in the Extension Manager (like you install any other extension for Joomla). After this make sure you are using a Yootheme template (Warp 7 or PRO). This installation also installs all the override files to plugins/system/vmuikit_override/html_override/ However you can override these in the old fashion of adding same files in /html/ in you chosen template. This way you can update VMuikit without your custom code being touched. The installation also installs and enables the VMuikit One Page Checkout plugin and enables this by default. If you want to use other cart then please disable this plugin. 

Installation video tutorial



How to translate?

For VMuikit base things we use the Virtuemart files. So just install your language from: - Language file for One Page Checkout is in [webroot]/administrator/language [webroot]/administrator/languag/en-GB/en-GB.plg_system_vmuikit_onepage.ini here you find the english file and you need to add this to your language folder in /administrator/language/... (for example /administrator/language/de-DE/ for german) and rename the file so it fits your langeuage with the lang code first in the file. And then translate all string in it! Please send your translated file to us at and we will add it to package!

How to add additonal tabs in Product details view?

How to add Categories/Manufacturers Mega Menu?

All you do is add a menu item VMuikit Category Menu / VMuikit Manufacturer Menu - You find these under the Virtuemart menues after VMuikit is installed. That is all you have to do. These will then show all categories or all manufacturers that you have in your Virtuemart configuration. You have all the settings for the Mega Menu in the VMuikit Component under the tab Mega Menu Settings. Try those settings out there to see what you prefer for your Mega Menu and your category structure!

Video Tutorial:

Adding Badges to products (SALE, DISCOUNT etc)

To add a Badge to a product you create a new Custom Field (type String) and call it Badges (or whatever you like) put it in any of these positions:


No other settings is needed. Then all you do is you add this custom field to a product and in Valie field you add the text you want. You can use the YOOtheme Customizer to change the look of the Badge. Also uk-badge is the class and you can really change it a lot in your custom.css if you want to.

Add more information in the two extra module positions in Shopping Cart

There are two extra module positions in the One Page Checkout (Shopping Cart) the name of these positions are "onepage_promo_top" and "onepage_promo". You can add anything ot these and they are position above and uder the product list in the shopping cart. Try it out! See it here: - Go add something to cart and go to cart and you see the two positions.

AJAX search in YOOtheme "search" position

Very straight forward! Just put the VM Search module in position "search" and you are ready to go.

Add automatic META keywords to products and FB Open Graph support!

Please check this video

How to install the One Page Checkout Cart?

The One Page Checkout is installed and published by default. So you dont need to do anything. You want to use the default VirueMart cart you disable plugin (VMuikit OnePage) in plugins in Joomla backend. Or if you want to use another One Page Checkout also disable this plugin first.

All the settings for this plugins you find in that place too. There are quite a lot of settings to make the cart work and look just as you want! Try the setting out to create you streamlined cart experience for your clients!

How to override files?

If you want to upgrade VMuikit in the future when we release new versions you need to do overrides of the files in good old MVC Joomla fashion. This is how:

1) you should enable "template override" param in Components -> VMuikit Settings

2) then "to override add to cart file", copy file from [joomla-root/webroot]\plugins\system\vmuikit_override\html_override\com_virtuemart\themes\default\productdetails\default_addtocart.php to [joomla-root/webroot]templates\yoo_xxx\html\com_virtuemart\themes\default\productdetails\default_addtocart.php after copied, do your changes there.

Doing override is ALWAYS the recommended way to do custom changes in the fiels for your webshop as this will never be overwritten. So it means you can update VMuikit without any problems.

Video Tutorial:

You have problems? - How to troubleshoot

First thing to do if you encounter problems is always to change to Protostar template (default Joomla template) and see if you have the same problem there. IF you do have the same problem there then its not a VMuikit issue and you should ask in to get help.

If you have only problem in VMuikit but not in Protostar then please post in our support forums.

We also recommend you install Web Developer toolbar in Firefox to see if you have any Javascripts error ( That can help a lot for you to pinpoint what type of problem you have.

*When asking questions in the support forum please always add you site details so we quickly can help you!

More Tips and Trix and Documentation?

Please check the Tips and Trix part of the forum. Also search forum for issue if you encounter problems:

And we can't stress more to check our Video Tutorials! There are many tips and trix there and complete explanations of all parts of VMuikit. Grab a cup of coffee and watch through them! I promise you will learn a lot!


Where can I find Changelogs?

And also we announce every new version in the forums here:

License GPL v2

VMuikit - A theme and component for Joomla and Virtuemart (for YOOTheme templates).
Copyright (C) 2016 Claes Norin -

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.  See the GNU General Public License for more details.

You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA  02110-1301, USA.

Klarna Checkout (payment module)

We have also built a special Klarna Checkout module to use with VMuikit with a very effective layout featuring the mobile version of Klarna Checkout on the right. Click on logo below to see a DEMO of this cart running with Nano3 from yootheme. Read more about Klarna.

klarna checkout demo

Here you can see a Youtube clip:

Download Klarna Enhanced VM Payment plugin

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