VirtueMart theme for YOOtheme templates built on uikit!


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  • Seamless use of VirtueMart and YOOtheme templates

    VMuikit technology

    Seamless use of VirtueMart and YOOtheme templates
    A Lightweight interface for VirtueMart with full responsive functionality.
  • 100% UIkit framework for all parts of VirtueMart

    VMuikit technology

    100% UIkit framework for all parts of VirtueMart

    We take full advantage of the amazing UIkit framework to create a user friendly and beautiful user interface.

  • Feature rich One Page Checkout

    VMuikit technology

    Feature rich One Page Checkout
    Our One Page Checkout for VMuikit package have been developed for 3 years and features a very quick final step for the customer.
  • Support latest VirtueMart 3.0.x

    VMuikit technology

    Support latest VirtueMart 3.0.x
    We always test VMuikit with the latest version coming out from the VirtueMart team.

VMuikit - Seamless use of Virtuemart eCommerce with YOOtheme templates!

yootheme template and virtuemart

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Ever tried to have a unison look and feel with
your Joomla template and Virtuemart? 

We know how much hard work this can be. Thats why we created the VMuikit package built on uikit (

This framework is a very lightweight for modern web interfaces and responsive web layouts.

With VMuikit you can very easily use Virtuemart with any of YOOthemes Joomla templates (needs to be built on Warp7+). VMuikit overrides all standard Virtuemart layouts and functions with uikit-based ones instead creating a unison look and feel of all elements of Joomla and Virtuemart.

This means you get a lightweight, beautiful, easy customizable and effective Virtuemart interface. And the installation only takes a few minutes.


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Klarna Checkout (payment module)

We have also built a special Klarna Checkout module to use with VMuikit with a very effective layout featuring the mobile version of Klarna Checkout on the right. Click on logo below to see a DEMO of this cart running with Nano3 from yootheme. Read more about Klarna.

klarna checkout demo

Here you can see a Youtube clip:

Download Klarna Enhanced VM Payment plugin

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  • VMuikit - Main backend layout

    VMuikit - Main backend layout

    This is the main layout page for VMuikit. Added are settings to enhance the ability to control the VirtueMart component.
  • VMuikit - Mega Menu settings

    VMuikit - Mega Menu settings

    There are two different "Mega Menus" available for VMuikit. One shows all the categories in the VirueMart category tree. The other lists all manufacturers setup in VirtueMart.
  • VMuikit - Klarna Checkout settings

    VMuikit - Klarna Checkout settings

    Klarna is a fast growing company for very fast checkout process. Read more on Klarna is fully integrated into VMuikit.
  • VMuikit - SEO helper view

    VMuikit - SEO helper view

    There are settings to enhance SEO and Facebook within the VMuikit component and its possible to automatically add META keywords.
  • VMuikit - Order confirmation emails

    VMuikit - Order confirmation emails

    There is a new design for the standrad VirtueMart order confirmation emails. They feature a much more simple layout.

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